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Solidbase Laboratory Ltd. started its operations in March 2005 in a small lab capable to conduct the essential tests required in the construction industry.
From its early days, Solidbase Laboratory Ltd. ensured that the level of service being rendered was commensurate to the responsibility with which its clients were entrusting it with. Such a commitment was implemented by means of continuous investment in its systems, staff and equipment. Today, Solidbase Laboratory Ltd. is proud of its achievements whereby its systems are ISO 9001:2000 compliant and include a website where customers can download all the test results; its staff have successfully read various testing courses with renowned foreign universities and its new equipment is fully compliant to the relevant current EN standards. Solidbase Laboratory Ltd. is capable of assisting its clients with unique expertise on construction materials, their usage and their method of application.
Solidbase Laboratory Ltd. also prides itself of providing its customers with a simple and effective approach to construction issues in time of doubt and stress. Throughout its history, Solidbase Laboratory Ltd. has enlightened its customers with what would have been otherwise unnecessary problems. Solutions have always been tackled with the utmost efficiency.
We would like to invite you to our laboratory in Qormi in order to show you the high quality standard to which the laboratory has been set. We would also like to show you the competence and dedication in conducting tests and serving our clients.

We thank you for dedicating time to review this document and we await your call.